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Influenced from the motorworld, with an approach that works genealogically rather than thematically. The Koppartrans watches are unique, encoded pieces rather than examples or representations of some unifying or overarching principle.

a part of The History

The powerful logo has been transformed into the dial of the watch. The circle in the dial has been adjusted to give space for the figures 3, 6 and 9. Note that the dates are shown in the unique window shown by the edge of a red arrow symbolizing the red tounge in the Koppartrans logo. The case is inspired by a fuel cap and the rims with it's nut bolts.

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Variety that lasts

The Koppartrans Watch comes in 2 different high quality casings and 5 different interchangeable straps, a real flexible accessory that suits your daily appearance.

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Inspired by the motorworld

The case design is inspired by a fuel cap and the rims with its nuts and bolts.
Powered by Miyota 2115 and protected by steel and saphire glas it is water resistant down to 5 atmospheres.

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italian calf leather or Nato straps

Easily adjustable

  1. Pull crown out 1 click and rotatecounter-clockwise to adjust date.
  2. Pull crown out 2 clicks and rotate toadjust the time.
  3. Push crown back in and your watchis now set.


1. Pull handle back

2. With the handleheld back, placestrap into holes.

3. Release bar tosecure strap.

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